During habilitation sessions an implantee is trained to understand sounds, intonations so that he/she can develop speech, and language that will allow him/her to use audition as a primary mode of communication which is similar to a normal hearing person. This is started pre-operatively, is continued after the surgery and, is carried out by a trained auditory verbal therapist. Regular habilitation is extremely important for a good outcome following cochlear implant surgery. Success of cochlear implant surgery, depends upon the efficacy of the pre as well as post implant habilitation.

Active participation of the patient and their family is required in this process. Parents are often given instructions as to how they can train the child better in their home environment, and it has been noted that with active parent participation, the child performs better. For the sake of convenience, it is advisable that the patients go back to their primary referring audiologists and speech therapists for post surgery AVT. Patients from far away cities, thus, do not have to stay in Mumbai for prolonged periods. You may contact us for guidance regarding centers providing mapping and habilitation facilities near your city.