Isha Vartak

Isha VartakMeet Isha Vartak, a budding writer with a flair for mathematics. But for a cochlear implant, Isha’s life talents would have been lost forever!

Isha was born with a hearing loss in both ears. Realization of their daughter’s condition dawned on Isha’s parents when she was 8 months old. As she grew older, she was talking much less than her friends. Her parents knew that they could not let their daughter’s innate abilities go to waste and hence decided to opt for a cochlear implant. Isha was implanted at the age of 3 by Dr. Kirtane at Hinduja Hospital.

The cochlear implant has helped Isha excel academically. She was consistently among the top 5 students in her class. Not only did her classmates turn to her for help with mathematics but also became avid readers of her writing. Isha also participated in all the extra-curricular activities at school and became her class prefect! Isha scored 92.6% in her SSC examination and joined St. Xavier’s College for Arts.

Isha is now fluent in multiple languages and recently travelled to Italy as an exchange student with 30 other students. She even stayed with an Italian family for 7 days all by herself!

It is indeed inspirational to see Isha’s metamorphosis from a shy girl to a confident international traveller!