Shanice Fernandes

Shanice FernandesHow many of us would take a chance with a relatively unknown medical technology for our children? Not many would, but Shanice Fernandes’ parents took that chance! In their opinion, it was the best thing that they ever did for their daughter.

Fifteen years ago, Shanice lost her hearing due to meningitis when she was a little less than 3 years old. She used hearing aids for 6 months but did not benefit from them. Her mother thought, “Will I always be around to help Shanice?” As they researched the option of a cochlear implant, Shanice’s parents got a mixed response. After much deliberation, they decided to get their daughter implanted. Shanice underwent surgery at the age of 5 by Dr. Kirtane at Hinduja Hospital and was implanted with a cochlear implant.

The cochlear implant helped Shanice regain her personality. Shanice also put in whole-hearted efforts in auditory-verbal therapy. Shanice’s parents noticed that she had begun to retreat into a shell due to her inability to be understood or converse with friends. Post implant, her confidence level increased and so did her eagerness to be with her friends. She topped her school by scoring 94.6% in her class XII board exams. She is now studying business administration and lives independently without her parents at Bangalore.

Shanice’s disability certificate says – 100% ‘disability’ with profound hearing loss. Her response – talk to me and decide for yourself!